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StylPro on TV on America's TODAY show who say "Wow, that's impressive!"

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NBC’s TODAY is the news programme that informs, entertains, inspires and sets the agenda each morning for viewers across America. Airing live from 7 am to 11 am, TODAY reaches more than 5 million people every day through its broadcast, and millions more through, the TODAY app, and social media platforms.

We are delighted that StylPro was featured live on the show in a 'Buzzworthy Beauty Gadgets' slot, introducing it to many more US makeup fans. The TODAY presenter said "The girls in the makeup room are super excited about's a pain to clean your makeup brushes as you have to leave them to dry overnight so nobody actually cleans them"...After the live demo of StylPro, she said "Wow - that's's like a little washing machine for your makeup brushes,,,"

StylPro can be ordered for shipping to the US here. Or the UK here.

Watch the show here.

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