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10x Stylfile Gel Nail Polish Remover Clips
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What is it? Reusable Gel Polish Remover clips, which can be used instead of foils to hold Gel polish remover to the gel nail.

Why is it better? The Stylfile Gel Polish Remover Clips are a quick and easy way to hold cotton wool soaked in remover solution securely and comfortably on each nail. No more fiddly foils! They are faster to apply and hold the cotton wool to the nail better, which can speed up the removal process.

What people say:

  • "The gel remover clips, they are absolute genius."
    - Lynne Hyland, Beauty Editor, Sunday Mirror
  • "I'm sold on the clips. Foils always fall off."
    - Karen
  • "I love the fact you can get on with chores whilst waiting for nails to be ready! I'm more likely to have gels now I can remove them."
    - Kim
  • "Love the clips and the fact they are a one-off investment."
    - Louisa
  • "Much easier removal than using foil."
    - Lauren
  • "Loved the clips!"
    - Ruth
  • "Made my gel removing faster and easier than foil."
    - Shalini

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Gel Polish lasts weeks and looks amazing. It’s no wonder it’s so popular. However 52% believe it damages the natural nail. Damage is often caused by incorrectly removing gel polish.

One of the most difficult aspects of removing removing Gel nail polish is using using foils to hold the acetone to the gel. It’s important that the cotton wool soaked in remover solution is held securely in place on each nail for the solution to be fully effective during soak off. Gone are fiddly pieces of tin foil and the difficulty of wrapping them round each of your fingers, without the cotton wool falling off or sliding round.

The re-usable Stylfile Gel Remover Clips are a unique, quick and easy way for you to successfully remove your own gel polish, saving you both time and money. One size fits all - The Clips have unique little ribs inside which mean they snuggle hold the soaked acetone to any finger size.

The Stylfile Gel Clips are suitable for all Gel Nail Polish brands, including OPI, CND Shellac, Gelish, Jessica and Sensationail. Please read the instructions of the product and Gel Polish you are removing first. For example some brands require the Gel Polish to be buffed first, other like CND Shellac do not.

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