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Stylfile Nipper Clipper - Baby nail clipper with safety spy hole
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Trimming tiny nails can be tricky and sometimes even traumatic. The Stylfile Nipper Clipper is the world’s first nail clipper with a spy hole that allows parents to see exactly what they are cutting. The scissor-like action of the blades mean that it’s smooth, sharp and almost silent.

The Stylfile Nipper Clipper has curved, overlapping blades, which slice across each other to precisely and smoothly trim even the tiniest of finger or toe nails, quickly and effectively. Made from surgical stainless steel, they are sturdy, hygienic and easy to clean. 

    • Baby nail clipper with unique spy hole 
      • the safety spy hole lets you see exactly what you’re cutting
    • Smooth action
      • engineered to clip safely, precisely and smoothly
      • unique curved overlapping blades
      • made with surgical steel
    • Curved S-file Baby gently smoothes nails
      • unique S-shape is specially designed to follow the natural shape of  baby nails
      • leaves baby nails smooth and free from sharp edges after clipping
      • high quality long lasting soft abrasive file surface
    • Free ’Timmy Tickle' distraction app

What the press say

“...I know from my own experience that if you have a wriggling child it is a very tense time cutting your child’s nails. When my first born had long nails at birth I did opt for the “nibble" option but as he got older I did use clippers and unfortunately did on one occasion nip his finger. Not only does this make your child nervous the next time, it mortifies you as a parent... I think the Nipper Clipper is an essential item for parents and it is lovely to see a new product on the shelves that solves a worrying time for new parents...” 
- Baby World

“Their toes and fingers might be tiny but little ones need nails cutting too – to protect parents from scratches as much as anything – and these clippers and curved nail file are designed for the job. The scissor-like action takes a bit of getting used to but is easy once you’ve mastered it. Also comes with a nifty app to distract baby while you’re cutting." 
- Independent

"Nipper Clippers are my 'can't live without' baby product - DD's nails grow so quickly, baby nail scissors don't work, just a file takes forever. Quick snip with these (they have a peep hole so you can see what you're doing) and file the edges with the dinky curved nail file that comes with them, and job done."
- Mrs Millions

Showcase video (33 sec)

Showcase video (2 mins)

Distraction app demo (1 min)

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